Our Staff

Just a little information about our Staff....


Dr. Tiffany S. Murphy was born in St. Louis and moved to Boston in 1995 to study Music
at the renowned Berklee College of Music. In 1998 she graduated with a dual degree
in Music Business Management and Music Production and Engineering. During her
time in Boston she was one of the founders of Four Winds Café a Christian alternative to
nightclubs for young adults. She was very involved in numerous performances and studio
sessions as a vocalist and accomplish violinist. God was always moving and after renewing
her commitment to God in 2000 she was ordained as a Deacon at Dorchester Temple
Baptist Church. After spending 13 years of music and ministry in Boston, she felt a call
from God to attend seminary. In 2005 she moved to Philadelphia and in May 2010 she
received her Masters of Divinity degree from Palmer Theological Seminary. She was licensed
to preach the gospel in December 2007 at Mount Olivet Tabernacle Baptist
Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Tokunbo Adelekan. She has just finished her
Doctorate of Ministry degree in leadership and church renewal. Her final dissertation
was entitled “Establishing Foundations for Social Engagement: Moving from Conversation
To Awareness At MOTBC.” In this she focuses on the importance of the church
being involved in the the issues of their community. In 2013 she joined the singing group
Erek Mcfadden and the Praise Alliance as a soprano. She has expanded her responsibilities
with the group as she is now the manager of the group. She is excited about using
the skills sh learned at Berklee College of Music. In additions to singing and managing
the last 2 years she has been pastoring 2 churches in South Jersey. She believes that God
wants us to be like the Good Samaritan, who was willing to move beyond culture, class,
education to help someone in need. She believes that we have been called by Jesus, “To
go and do likewise" 


Cindy Wolf (Organist) - Cindy is a long time member and our Pianist/Organist.